Saturday, 23 June 2012

Week 3: Nothing like a Network

 Since graduating from the University of Arizona with my masters in library science, in 2010, I have learned that having a degree, while nice, is not the most important thing that a job applicant can have. In the words of the over used cliché, it is not what you know, it is who you know. If “knowing” people are the objective, how can one go about “knowing” people in sincere and meaningful ways in these times of limited resources and ever increasing demand? I’m on Facebook and Linked-in but I can attest these digital connections are not substitutes for the benefits of taking the time to really become acquainted with someone in person.

This year long fellowship is giving us an amazing opportunity to showcase our professional interest in archives, our personalities and our abilities with some amazing individuals in the industry. I have a natural inclination to keep my mouth closed, but when I think about all of the missed opportunities to show the world how awesome I am, I get over my shyness and join the conversation. It usually works out for the best. Sometimes I think about Alex, Amanda, Ardra, Cynthia and Skyla what they will accomplish in their careers, I am so grateful to have a chance to be in the trenches with them now. We are laughing, working, learning and growing together in this fellowship and it will be a pleasure to reflect on these experiences when we collaborate in the future.