Saturday, 14 July 2012

Week 5: Optimism

 The most remarkable moment of this week was my presentation meeting with Julieanna. The situation reminded me of my road trip to Chicago, Illinois from Tempe, Arizona with my sister and niece, last July. East of Sterling Colorado, the air conditioner broke and we discovered that we had been traveling 75 miles in the wrong direction. Instead of being stressed out and angry, we turned the car around, turned the music up and moved into the right direction.

 Similar to this experience, I had spent 10-12 hours creating a PowerPoint that was not pointing in the right direction.  I was frustrated that I had so much work to do, but I also knew that there was no sense in wasting time being frustrated. I learned a long time ago that groaning and complaining is never a solution. This blog post could be summarized by a variety of clichés like, if at first you don’t succeed try, try, and try again….get back up on the horse…quitters never win and winners never quit..etc. If I had to choose between clichéd and persistent vs. bitter and disgruntled; I’m going to choose the former. Here’s hoping for a super motivated, hardworking and back on track week 6 at The HistoryMakers! 

 This week at the HistoryMakers,   I spent the majority of my time working on finding aids. I finished the evaluation summary for photographer, Eric Werner. I watched the videos, answered the questions, and the made the web clips for San Francisco educator, Bernice Brown and Long Beach dentist, Dr. Ebenezer Bush. The archives lecture was about recent digitization projects, like Hahti Trust project. The history lecture focused on reconstruction after the Civil War. I also talked with my host institution about revising my presentation and checking on some housing options.  

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